The Coming Ebola Vaccine


Do you remH1N1-Vaccine-Linked-to-700-percent-Increase-in-Miscarriagesember the Swine Flu Scare we had about 7-10 years ago or so?  I remember waiting in a long line in another town to get the H1N1 vaccine with my son in the hot sun. People were so vicious in that line. There were policemen trying to restore order but there were things going on that authorities did not see.  I saw people arguing and many people were cutting. English was not the first language there and a certain race was trying to help eachother out in some cases. Some allowed people to cut and some saw it and started yelling. Even the people behind me were trying so hard to get in front of me. While we waited and my son was so thirsty and hungry because I did not expect to be there that long, I did hear an announcement that only senior citizens and children were going to get vaccinated. At that time I was very frightened but I knew it was best if my son was vaccinated over me. It was such a scare at that time. As the line ended and a select amount of people were free to go in, the people allowed in ran inside to get the vaccines trying to outrun us.  The vaccine was in a powder or a spray. I can’t remember which but it went up his nose. We were glad there were no needles.  I saw some people in there who were obviously not children or senior citizens. The whole thing was such a crazy mob house. I always think of this area as being calm. I have no idea what it looked like in other towns.

When the elections for 2008 came around and I saw that Obama was bad news right away and how people were practically worshipping him, I just started to open my eyes to a lot of things. Vaccines was one of them. And now that I think about it, my younger son was so sick that we took him to the emergency room and he looked very week and I thought he was going to die. I think he was in need of fluids or somthing like that. That was about 13 years ago. I wish I knew if he had gotten vaccines the week I took him in, I don’t remember. My records are such a mess because at that time we moved a lot and I was always switching doctors because of it.  I just hope there is no connection. If you are a new parent please keep a separate record of when you go to the doctor and the reactions your child has. My son has a lot immunity and gets sick very easily. I don’t know if that has anything to do with all the vaccines. After the Swine Flu vaccine I have been very cautious and two years ago was the first time I opted out of a required vaccine. My older son got two of the same one for the whooping cough. One in Jr High that I never wanted him to take but his father took him and one before his little brother was born this year. I hope it isn’t doing anything to his body but you know what is weird, for the past few months he has had a chronic cough but he said it was around before he got his second shot. He thinks I worry too much about vaccines so I try not to bother him about it too much but he knows how I feel concerning the matter.

Now fast forward to 2014. We are going through an Ebola scare. Many people are dying of Ebola in Africa. Two Americans were brought to the USA which was very dangerous but they were recently released after they had been treated at the Emory UniEbola-virusversity Hospital in Atlanta ,Georgia. The new Ebola Vaccine trials are to begin in September.  According to the CDC they have 1552 deaths confirmed in Africa.

The Daily Sheeple has an interesting article from Dave Hodges on their take on the coming Ebola Vaccine and its purposes which are linked to Monsanto and Bill Gates. If you look into all of this, many things will relate and it will start to unfold as a big conspiracy mess. Not a theory but the truth. There are many people who are ignorant of the things going on in the government and I don’t want to sound like a crazy person so I ask that you do your own research. Just like any emergency kit or preparation (we live in California, earthquake preparation is normal) we must be able to prepare using the warning we are receiving. It is not a movie but real life even though there are movies that will be very similar to what is going on concerning the potential of an Ebola outbreak in the USA or Canada.

I have talked about vaccines before but I don’t like long blog entries. Here is a video from Kent Hovind who I believe is in jail because he had been exposing the New World Order. The same thing happened to Fritz Springmeier. The video explains why vaccines can be dangerous. I will put some links below.


Contending for Faith – Dr. Scott Johnson speaking on Ebola Health Concerns (8-10-14) Part 2

Contending for Faith – Dr. Scott Johnson speaking on Ebola Health Concerns (8-10-14) Part 3

Contending for Faith – Dr. Scott Johnson speaking on Ebola Health Concerns (8-10-14) Part 4

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This just came out today from Natural News. The headline reads, “Ebola victim who received experimental ZMapp drug dies of Ebola
This one is from August 6, 2014 “Ebola vaccine pioneer joked about use of genetically engineered virus to cull human population”

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C.S. Lewis Exposed


CS Lewis

C.S. Lewis is a popular Christian writer and very often is recommended by many good intentioned Christians but I hope you will look closely to see what he actually believed by looking into his writings and quotes. You will see it is a false occult version of Christianity in which is extremely influential. The great thing about God’s word is that you do not need other books to teach you about Christianity and the gospel. There is more than enough information in God’s word to keep you in His instructions and teachings and doctrine for a lifetime. You do not need any other explanation of Christianity. Intellectual people love his writings because it tickles their carnal desires for a different Christ.  Before you get upset, please look into these links to see and hear and read in C.S. Lewis’ words to know he is not all that he is cracked up to be.


C S Lewis deliberately promoted a Paganized Form of Christianity (By Jeremy James)

C.S. Lewis: Who He Was and What He Wrote (Keepers of the Faith)

C.S. Lewis In His Own Words Warning PDF (Dr. Scott Johnson) See the matching video below

C.S. Lewis – A Bridge to Rome (Andy Foster)




Hollywood, Robin Williams and Evil Spirits

Robin Williams Jin





Robin Williams – The Sad Truth that the Media Won’t Tell You (Good Fight Ministries)

How Sorcery Resulted in the Death of Robin Williams (Biblical Truth Resources)

Robin Williams and Satanic Rituals (Whale)

Robin Williams, Hollywood and Demon Possession: The Untold Story (Prophetic News)

Fame and Fortune Are Nothing (Galatians 4)


Dear Target: Goodbye, and thanks for all the fish


Nice and interesting letter to Target stores. See why she is not going there anymore.

Originally posted on The Lake, the Universe and Everything:

F1D554FCCDAC391CB7B4EF7C76F5D5545C3012CEWhen they built the new Target in 2007, just a couple of miles from our house, we were happy to have an alternative to Wal-Mart that was quite a bit closer and a smidgeon classier, albeit also a little more expensive.

I’ve been shopping there for the past 7 years, and sadly, I’ve watched things go downhill over that time – service and selection, in particular. Everything except prices, which steadily continued their upward trajectory. A few weeks ago, I darkened their door for the last time.

Dear Target: I’m calling it quits. It wasn’t because I so often go in there and stand in a long line at the one open checkout counter. It wasn’t because you have the absolutely ugliest clothes for sale that I’ve ever seen. It wasn’t because you stopped making Archer Farms yogurt, which I loved. It wasn’t even because you quit selling the fresh…

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