C.S. Lewis Exposed

C.S. Lewis


C.S. Lewis is a popular Christian writer and very often is recommended by many good intentioned Christians but I hope you will look closely to see what he actually believed by looking into his writings and quotes. You will see it is a false occult version of Christianity in which is extremely influential. The great thing about God’s word is that you do not need other books to teach you about Christianity and the gospel. There is more than enough information in God’s word to keep you in His instructions and teachings and doctrine for a lifetime. You do not need any other explanation of Christianity. Intellectual people love his writings because it tickles their carnal desires for a different Christ.  Before you get upset, please look into these links to see and hear and read in C.S. Lewis’ words to know he is not all that he is cracked up to be.


C S Lewis deliberately promoted a Paganized Form of Christianity (By Jeremy James)

C.S. Lewis: Who He Was and What He Wrote (Keepers of the Faith)

C.S. Lewis In His Own Words Warning PDF (Dr. Scott Johnson) See the matching video below

C.S. Lewis – A Bridge to Rome (Andy Foster)




Hollywood, Robin Williams and Evil Spirits

Robin Williams Jin





Robin Williams – The Sad Truth that the Media Won’t Tell You (Good Fight Ministries)

How Sorcery Resulted in the Death of Robin Williams (Biblical Truth Resources)

Robin Williams and Satanic Rituals (Whale)

Robin Williams, Hollywood and Demon Possession: The Untold Story (Prophetic News)

Fame and Fortune Are Nothing (Galatians 4)


Dear Target: Goodbye, and thanks for all the fish


Nice and interesting letter to Target stores. See why she is not going there anymore.

Originally posted on The Lake, the Universe and Everything:

F1D554FCCDAC391CB7B4EF7C76F5D5545C3012CEWhen they built the new Target in 2007, just a couple of miles from our house, we were happy to have an alternative to Wal-Mart that was quite a bit closer and a smidgeon classier, albeit also a little more expensive.

I’ve been shopping there for the past 7 years, and sadly, I’ve watched things go downhill over that time – service and selection, in particular. Everything except prices, which steadily continued their upward trajectory. A few weeks ago, I darkened their door for the last time.

Dear Target: I’m calling it quits. It wasn’t because I so often go in there and stand in a long line at the one open checkout counter. It wasn’t because you have the absolutely ugliest clothes for sale that I’ve ever seen. It wasn’t because you stopped making Archer Farms yogurt, which I loved. It wasn’t even because you quit selling the fresh…

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Homeless Woman Afraid She is a Pawn of NWO to Infect Others with TB

1400x1400_7012411  This woman is homeless and her doctor says she might have TB but they will not be definite for a month while her cultures are being studied. She is afraid that she is being a pawn of the Illuminati and NWO and is afraid that she might infect people while she waits. She is aware of the influence of the Illuminati influencing gangsters and influencing thought and wrote a book on it. Please see.








CHARISMATICS PRAY OVER POPE FRANCIS (Friday Church News Notes, August 8, 2014,www.wayoflife.org,fbns@wayoflife.org, 866-295-4143) – On June 1, more than 50,000 charismatic Catholics attended a rally at Rome’s Olympic Stadium. One highlight of the event was a special prayer for Pope Francis to be “filled with the Spirit.” As he knelt by his papal chair, the crowd murmured charismatic prayers, including gibberish “tongues,” and “sang in the spirit.” Many, including bishops and cardinals, raised their hands toward the pope (“How Pope Francis Reacted,” Charisma, June 11, 2014). In a brazen reminder of the heretical nature of the setting, a life-size statue of Rome’s Mary, the Queen of Heaven, stood at the front of the papal podium. The pope exhorted the charismatic crowd to exercise “spiritual ecumenism” to heal divisions among Christians. He also invited the charismatics to St. Peter’s Square for Pentecost in 2017 to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the “charismatic renewal” in the Catholic Church. The “renewal” began when Assemblies of God Pentecostals laid hands on Catholics in 1967. Pope Francis says that he was opposed to the “charismatic renewal” when it first began, but now he is enthusiastic and claims to speak in “tongues” himself (“Pope, at Charismatic Rally,” Catholic News Service, June 2, 2014). Nothing is bringing the end-time, “one-world church” together more effectively than the charismatic movement and its contemporary music.

THE POPE’S TOP TEN SECRETS TO HAPPINESS (Friday Church News Notes, August 8, 2014, www.wayoflife.org, fbns@wayoflife.org, 866-295-4143) – In an interview published in the Argentine weekly “Viva,” July 27, Pope Francis listed his top ten tips for “bringing greater joy to one’s life.” There was no mention of God or Jesus Christ or salvation. In brief, the tips were (1) Live and let live, (2) Give of yourself to others, (3) Proceed calmly in life, (4) Have a healthy sense of leisure, (5) Sundays should be holidays “because “Sunday is for family,” (6) Find innovative ways to create dignified jobs for young people, (7) Respect and take care of nature, (8) Stop being negative, (9) Don’t proselytize; respect others’ beliefs, (10) Work for peace. The focus on unity, non-proselytizing, world peace, respect of all beliefs, and environmentalism identify Francis as a New Age pope who is a major figure in the creation of the apostate one-world “church” of Revelation 17.


by David Cloud


Sodomite (LGBT) Agenda in School


This year I decided to see if I could work more and I am putting my son back in public school because I’m not married and I don’t have the financial support of a husband. If something goes wrong, I am going to pull him out of school. Two days ago we were watching the Chopped Teen cooking challenge and saw how many gay people were on that one show including the kids. I told my son, “This is what is going on in school.” He said to me, “Don’t worry, Mom.”  It didn’t make me feel better but what makes me feel a little bit better is that we are in an Asian community and I thank the Lord for them! Asian parents are very strict and keep their kids focused on schoolwork. Most of their children are not tattooed, pierced and looking like criminals and hookers.

Please see this video. We are being attacked and bombarded in the media, through the schools and through music to accept the Sodomite agenda and consider it normal and wholesome. God considers it abomination. It is being pushed on us with other sexual abominations like fornication and our attitude towards marriage, clothing, adultery, broken families, divorce and every family unit. Mine is already broken from my life decisions before being a Christians but I don’t regret it because I can see where evil is being pushed and how it is being pushed and my children would have never been born. I know the battlefield of the break up of the family. I praise God for being with me through it all.

If anyone has a better idea of what I can do, please contact me or leave a comment. I wish I could homeschool and had other school kids and had a husband to support me but I don’t. I don’t want to go on welfare and I need to make a living. If you are a single Christian parent. Let me know what you are doing and leave a comment. God bless you and thank you.